Hungry man The old adage goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly.” The same can be said for a television reporter. If you are hungry for more media, try serving up some food with your interview.

Television people work weird hours. Many times they are unable to leave their desk to have breakfast or lunch. For example, morning show producers usually come to work around 11pm the night before. The rest of the morning crew arrives to work between 1 and 3:30am. I remember working those wacky overnight hours. I actually would eat “dinner” for breakfast.  As Annie would say “its a hard knock life.”

I work to create content and manage social media for a local morning news show. Recently, we received an email about strawberry season in the Carolinas. I contacted the Department of Agriculture who provided a local farmer and chef. I told them I wanted two interviews with a farmer to speak about the season, economic impact and our recent wild weather. I then asked the Department of Agriculture to provide a chef who can cook a recipe with the strawberries.

SC Certified Strawberries

SC Certified Strawberries

Lever Farms bought four baskets of big, beautiful tasty strawberries for the interview. The Father and Son duo were posed for television, real down to earth. FYI: TV Folks like that. The chef provided a simple recipe with instructions to be posted online. It was a win-win interview. And at the end they left the four baskets with the station. YAY!!!!

So should you take food to the television station? And if you do will you look like a brown noser?

Here’s the rule. If food goes well with your interview bring it. If you are a bakery this is your time for show and tell. If you want to say thank you to the crew for the interview its totally okay to send desserts, bagels or a nice goodie basket.

Farmers share about the upcoming season.

Farmers share about the upcoming season.

What’s not okay is being the person who comes on air for an interview and does not leave the food behind. I promise you will be talked about. Don’t be that person. I promise you won’t look like a brown noser, but someone who appreciates the people who just provided you FREE airtime.

So if you are truly hungry for more media try with a few sandwhiches.

Stay Tuned,

The Rosho