• Show up.
    Tell your story.
    Impact the world.

No more standing on the sidelines.
No more fear about sounding your voice.
No more second guessing about how and when you should show up!
It’s time to give yourself permission to connect. To play bigger.
And to make money off what separates you from the competition:




I’m a storyteller strategist, live stream expert, speaker, and television news producer of more than a decade. I equip influencers, media personalities, and organizations with the tools to tap into the power of their story, amplify their voice, and monetize their story online.
My mission is to empower and release an army of messengers who not just tell their story but show up and impact the world.


You’ve got a story, of course you do! But do you have an audience?
This is a Facebook community for purpose-driven influencers, entrepreneurs, and online rock stars who understand the power of their voice and story. If you desire to tell your story and can no longer remain silent, come learn, share, and grow. 

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Live video is a booming business and in order to make it work you must think like a CEO. In this book, you’ll learn the key strategies to becoming the Chief Executive Officer of live video. With more than 80% of the population watching video on their mobile devices and television, this communication tool is the connector between you and your ideal client. You’ll learn how to connect to your audience in a way that causes them to stick around and share your broadcast.

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Develop a game plan, and put it into action. It’s time to find your voice and show up where your audience needs you most.